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FAQ about Hijama/cupping

Frequently asked questions:

1. Will I faint or be sick?
2. Will I be able to work after my treatment?
3. How many treatments will I need?

I am a healthy person, why should I undergo cupping therapy?
1. What are the side effects?
2. Where to do cupping?
3. How long the cupping marks will remain?
4. Do we have to take any medicine after cupping process?
5. How long the cupping process will take?
6. How many times to do cupping?
7. What if there is no treatment for a particular disease with cupping therapy?
8. I am a healthy person, why should I undergo cupping therapy?

Will I faint or be sick?

A: Very few people do. Sometimesthis happens to people who do notrespond well to seeing blood. It isvery rare that people feel sick, but ifthey do it is impor tant to understandthat Hijama is the fastest way todetoxify your body so it may go intoa bit of shock. However, it is notdangerous and is not classified as aside effect.

 Will I be able to work after my treatment?

A: Listen to your body; if you feel tired then rest. Besure to rest when you can. Tip! Get an early nightbefore your treatment.

 How many treatments will I need?

A: Remember that everyone is different. There aresome factors that will indicate the number of treatmentsyou require; how long you have had yourproblem; if you have been on medication and for howlong. Another factor could be your lifestyle, diet,excerse and even sleeping pattern.

What are the side effects?

Ans: Unlike the drugs, medicines and operations done by allopathy which will have side effects. The cupping therapy is free from any side effects. Except few marks which will come due to the stagnation of blood which may can remain for few hours to few days.

Where to do cupping?

Ans: Cupping points vary from person to person depending on their disease, pulse, urine examination and symptoms of the patient. it may can take from 45 minutes to 120 minutes to examine the patient from head to toe for the most suitable one point for wet cupping.we do consider which of the three systems of the body namely muscular system , epithelial system or nervous system is over active and which basic organs (heart,brain,liver) is effected.

How long the bruises will remain?

Ans: Bruises will remain for few minutes to few days depending on the type of skin and health of the patient.

Do we have to take medicines after cupping process?

Ans: NO. There is no need to take medicines after cupping therapy. However if a person is suffering from a particular disease we offer tailor made treatment plan for every patient that suit to their body type and disease of the patient and this way we taper off the medicine by consultation with our team of health professionals.

How long the cupping process will take?

Ans: Cupping process for one sitting will take up to average 120 minutes to 200 minutes. (Can vary depending on patient)

How many times to do cupping?

Ans: Depending on the health and disease of a patient concern our experts will prescribe.

What if there is no treatment for a particular disease with cupping therapy?

Ans: Alhumdhullilah, as it is said by our Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)Narrated AbuHurayrah:The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said:If anyone has himself cupped on the 17th, 19th and 21st it will be a remedy for every disease.( Book 28, Number 3852)If at all there is no direct effect of cupping on a particular disease (due to lack of research in that area) Cupping is very beneficial for the treatment as it strengthens the immune system, activate lymphatic system, increase the blood circulation, purifies the blood, removes toxins,Cupping will also increase the effect of medicines on the body.

I am a healthy person, why should I undergo cupping therapy?

Ans. Cupping Therapy gets rid of acidic toxic waste which accumulate in our bodies (blood stasis) as we grow older. Sources of toxic waste include the polluted air we breathe; toxic chemicals found in your food, water, drinks, household chemicals & toiletries; environmental waste in your neighbourhood; intoxicating drinks, narcotic drugs, junk food and smoking; waste products of normal body metabolism; products of medicinal drugs metabolism; impact of trauma and accidents on our body; and toxins from mental stress, anger, anxiety and depression.The blood stasis (stagnated or congested blood) slow down or block supply of blood via blood capillaries which deliver much needed oxygen, nutrients, water, mineral electrolyte, vitamins, enzymes, hormones and immune system cells & antibodies to your cells, tissues and organ. The blockage also prevent the removal of carbon dioxide, metabolic waste products and toxic substance which are excreted via our urine, lungs and skin. As a result your cells, tissues, and organs cannot function at its normal healthy level and become progressively weak, inefficient, and easily overcome by germs. This would cause tissue or organ to malfunction and infection to take place. Therefore you will experience symptoms of diseases such as aches and pain, numbness, fever, cough, stomach ache, constipation, diarrhoea and headaches. If left untreated further accumulation of toxic waste may lead to serious chronic diseases including hypertension, ulcers, diabetes, arthritis, alzheimer disease, migraine, heart disease, stroke and cancerCupping is a very good preventive measure

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  2. I fainted during the cupping treatment, what does this mean, I'm not afraid of blood either if that's the reason to pass out.

  3. If i will undergo cupping again, will i faint again?

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