Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Early Cupping Instruments

Early Cupping Instruments

It is believed that cupping was first used in the ancient practice to suck blood from poisonous wounds. The earliest cupping instruments were hollowed horns with a small hole at the top through which the cupper would suck up the blood from the scarification previously made with a blade. In time, various natural resources began to be used to create suction. For example, natives along the west coast of North America, in the vicinity of Vancouver Island, used shells. In Europe, Asia, Africa and North America, hollow animal horns were fashioned to provide an effective cupping device.In North America, the natives made their cupping implements by slicing off the point of a buffalo horn.They would then place the base of the horn on the body and suck the air out through the opening at the tip. When a vacuum was achieved, the opening of the horn would be closed off by the practitioners tongue. During the Babylon - Assyrian Empire (stretching from Iraq to the Mediterranean) massage was practiced as well as 'cupping by sucking, with the mouthor by using a buffalo horn. The source of this information was presumably found inscribed on clay tablets, written in one of the earliest written languages, i.e. cuneiform script around 700 BC.

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