Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Benefits/Effects of Hijama / Cupping

Effects of cupping therapy

a) skin
- rise in skin temperature
- promotion of metabolism in skin tissue
- better functioning sweat and sebaceous glands
- accelerates the secretion of salts and sebaceous matter andexcretion of water
- strengthens the renewal power of the skin
- increase skins resistance to various harmful conditions
b) muscles
- stimulates the expansion of blood vessels in the muscle hence increase blood flow
- facilitates the flow of lymph
c) joints- increase blood flow to the joint
- increase the secretion of synovial fluids
d) digestive organs
- stimulates the target organ
- increase in peristalsic movements
- increase secretion of digestive fluids
e) blood- increase in blood circulation
- rise in low blood pressure
- influences the composition of blood: RBC and WBC, pH
f) nervous system
- stimulates sensory nerves of the skin
- affects ANS

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