Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Hijama A Preventive Medicine

People who get treatment expecting overnight miracles will be disappointed as hijama is considered a preventative therapy. "If a person in their twenties get treatment every 6 months, they can prevent the onset of diabetes, heart disease etc," says Qureishi. 

Hijama is spiritual healing, a spiritual process more than a physical process, and qualified therapists suggest finding a practitioner who understands the difference. Practioners also use hijama to remove or significantly reduce the impact of possession and black magic, based on the sunnah of the Prophet. It is recommended in the area beneath the neck and in between the shoulders (al-kahil) and the two areas on the neck just beneath the ears (al-ahda'ayn).
Hijama cupping for back

cupping on head for disorders
Hijama cupping on head

Hijama / Cupping

infohijama - hijama cupping therapy

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Cough treatment with hijama / Cupping :)

infohijama (cupping for cough)
Hijama cupping for cough
Hijama helps in Cough through the following points. Points could be moderated by the practitioner :)